Compilation album with Promotion

Curently Sold Out

What you get

  • 200 CD's printed that we sell.
  • Each artist earns $1 per cd sold
  • Digitally released to all stores, 100% revenue to artists via New Age Distro.
  • Non exclusive and artist keeps all copyrights
  • Album Promoted and monetised on our SoundCloud network of new age channels. 100% Soundcloud rev to each artist.
  • Album promoted on a beautiful, single long play YouTube video on the New Age Music Planet YouTube Channel. Promoted with a $100 ad spend on with Google ads. Your track covered by Content ID
  • Promoted to over 300 new age radio stations globally for airplay
  • Registered with Zone Music Reporter and associated radio stations for chart reporting
  • Promoted to major airlines and Australian media outlets
  • Review of your track by our in house reviewer Marianne Lihannah
  • All artwork and CD design fees included
  • Available as a download from this website and bandcamp. Each artist earns $1 per download


The cost to each artist is $300 per track and includes all the promotional and distribution benefits mentioned above

How you get paid

  • Digital distribution. Set up your own free New Age Distro account and payments are by Wise on the 8th of each of month. Minimum payout threshold approx USD $7. Artists receive 100% rev.
  • SoundCloud revenue is paid by paypal to your SoundCloud for Artists account.¬†Artists receive 100% rev.
  • CD rev is paid on the last day of each month. $1 per CD for each artist.
  • Radio airplay rev is paid direct to your PRO¬†
  • Airline and Australian media promo rev is paid to us directly bi annually by our client then passed on to you in full with stats. via paypal
  • YouTube views are paid with whoever you have your content ID with

Meet the musicians on our compilations

Fiona Joy Hawkins

How You Get Paid