Mário Raposo is a self-taught composer born in the Azores islands. His musical influences encompass New Age, electronic, jazz, classical music and film score composers. 

As a longtime fan of soundtracks, Mário has been creating music for documentaries, TV and radio commercials, and the soundtrack for a local TV movie entitled "A DISTANT CHRISTMAS" produced by IRIS - Audio Visuals. Despite being a product of his generation, Mário has no hesitation in introducing a more contemporary language into music of traditional influences, especially applied in documentaries. 
Mário has recently joined with Paulo Andrade, a local musician, to create music for modern dance and ballet in an electronic and experimental ambience. 

Being a long time passionate of electronic and new age music, specially of the late 1970s and early 1980s, Mário has been composing and publishing several original albums since early 2000's covering both genres. SPACE ROLLER-COASTER from the album THE PASSAGE is indeed a tribute to Vangelis, one of his greatest inspirations of that period.