The songs that you will hear on the Album “Dragon” were in the making for years. Most songs you hear today are performed by electronics. What you hear on this album are real musicians. Gary D. King, mixing/recording/producer met Humbert years ago on another project and suggested to re-record some older songs. Uninspired to play, Humbert search the world over for a classical guitar to spark his interest to play once again. Humbert found the guitar that touched his soul yet was delicate to touch due to the unique polish by the Luthier, Michele Della Guistina. The song “Joker” was actually created during studio recording. John Lardinois came to the studio, never hearing the song before, was moved by the composition. The violin/viola tracks you hear in the song was Lardinois’s first take on the song. Inspired by his new guitar, Humbert wrote dozens of songs, with the “Dragon” album being first of many to come. Additional collaborators such as Chris Bowman, Trey Stone, Justin Dawson, Rob Brockman, Shawn Bryant, Stephanie Dixon, Daphanie Briscoe, and Chrys Rhodes bring the songs to life. The final touch was adding renown mastering engineer, Reuben Cohen from Lurssen Mastering Inc. We hope that you enjoy the music!