Mastering by Richard Anthony Bean

RAB Studio Services

Minimum fee for mastering service £70. All other services will be charged at an hourly rate of £25 up to a maximum of £200 per day

Richard Anthony Bean has been writing and recording music for over 30 years, completing a
degree in Music and Technology at Kingston University, London, in 1995, and going on to
spend 14 years working at the renowned Simon Drake’s House of Magic in London working
alongside note only magicians such as Mark Spelmann and the late Ali Bongo, but also
working for diverse artists including Richard O’Brian (Rocky Horror), Adam Kaye
(Writer/Comedian), and Arthur Brown (Musician). Richard is now writing and recording in
his studio in Devon in England’s beautiful South West.

Studio Equipment 
Centred around an Apple iMac system running Logic Pro X to record tracks through to 
mastering and with access to the following (not exhaustive) list of additional software/VSTs: 

  •  Roland Cloud Pro including Zenology Pro 
  •  East West Composer Cloud 
  •  Native Instruments Massive / Kontact / FM8 / Absynth / Reaktor 
  •  Native Instruments Symphonic Strings / Brass / Woodwind 
  •  XLN Audio Addictive Keys

Hardware Synthesisers/Keyboards: 
A comprehensive range of analogue and digital synthesisers with availability of 1000s of 
sounds and possibilities: 

  •  ASM Hydrasynth (Digital) 
  •  Behringer Deepmind 12 (Analogue) 
  •  Emu ESi32 (Digital sampler) 
  •  Korg Kronos 88 (Digital) 
  •  Korg Prologue (Analogue) 
  •  Korg 01R/W (Digital) 
  •  Roland JDXA (Analogue/Digital) 
  •  Roland System 1m (Digital) 
  •  Roland XP30 (Digital)

Track mastering: 
 - Mastering of any stereo recording to standard file formats including .wav and high 
quality mp3. Other formats available on request. 
 Mixing and mastering of multitracks – provision of ‘dry’ audio stems required 
 A pre consultation can be arranged for a small fee of £25 (Max 1 hour) 

Orchestration Service: 
 Have your piano or guitar track set to an orchestrated backing track using world class 
audio and sound libraries POA 

 Have your idea come to life. Do you have an idea or melody you aren’t sure how to 
play or record. Just provide the track in some form – recorded or notated and must 
include the melody - with the style you are looking for and Richard will produce the 
track for you POA

Mastering Request