I began teaching myself guitar at 15 in Formby, Merseyside and began writing songs and exploring lead guitar.  Later, after 5 years studying philosophy, psychology, political philosophy and oriental philosophy I spent some time in Germany for a while then back to London recording demos on a Yamaha 8 Track some of which still exist and are being put down on digital.

A move back up north in 2006 saw me creating new age and ambient music on VSTi synths and shortly after a move to Oxford in 2010 I set up a very succesful website selling downloads of new age music.  After that I Began using YouTube to reach listeners and to date have over 40 million views on various YouTube channels. SoundCloud is another favourite platform of mine were my music has reached millions of new listeners all over this particular planet.

I have spent the last couple of years focussing on my backlog of  progressive rock music and am  currently working on 12 progressive rock albums and two ambient albums at various stages of completion. I have also undertaken various side projects and collaborations since 2019.

To date, my music has been streamed or viewed over 60, million times on various  YouTube, SoundCloud and Apple Music accounts all over the world and on radio and downloads.

I have been in interested esoteric philosophy, Buddhist and Hindu philosophy since the late 80.s. I also enjoy long distance train travel across Europe and raiding hotel minibars.