ENILSounds is a “one-woman-band” from Denmark. The style is soft-synth electronic pop-/worldmusik. Lyrics are about life, love and losses. Listeners say the music reminds them of Enya and the vocal of Joni Mitchell. 

Genre Ambient/pop. “ENILSounds, has a sophisticated musical palate and has written a composition with class. It’s a trifecta with a mixture of new age, ambient, and electronica with an acoustic feel that would appeal to listeners of soft pop, new age, and contemporary music today. ..With that electronic yet acoustic feel, the song has balance. The instrumental highlight is in the beautifully played piano, featuring a somber beginning of minor piano chords played in polyphony….Complementing the melody, is the lead vocals, a haunting, deeply soulful voice; A voice that has a beauty, wispiness, and warm quality to it. ." Press review by Kristina Mondo - Radio Airplay 

“…ENILSounds’ music is best described as a “soft electronica” – a mix of ambience, new age sounds, moving piano work and touches of synthesized sounds. Her gentle approach to production is best heard in the more recent instrumental version, where sounds appear and disappear, and where melancholy piano chords hint at a longing that may just be beyond reach. The earlier version takes this and adds a vocal performance that is simultaneously fragile and assured. It takes the track to new heights – demonstrating first class song-writing skills from” 

Simon Irvine - https://www.musictalks.xyz/home 

ENILSounds  has been nominated for more Songwriting awards.