Fiona Joy Hawkins 

​My greatest hope and joy is for my music to make a difference'.  Fiona Joy Hawkins is an Australian pianist, singer, composer, speaker and  international touring artist.  She is classically trained and inspired by her Celtic heritage, her work is considered ethereal music to dream to. 

Living in rural Australia, Fiona has played New York's Carnegie Hall, the New Orleans Jazz Museum, Sydney Opera House, Echoes/NPR Radio, Grammy Museum and concert halls of China. 

'One of the brightest lights in contemporary instrumental music, Fiona is poised to move into stardom' -  Will Ackerman, Founder Windham Hill Records 

Inspired by Chopin, Mendelssohn, Michael Nyman, Ludovico Einaudi, George Winston, Yiruma.  Winner of International awards including "Grace' on Grammy winning album and ARIA Finalist, IMA Winner. 

'Anyone who can write music that transcends genre and moves into the realm of self-examination is a person to follow and enjoy. Wonderful!' John M. Crossett, Aural Musings 

'For me, she is a modern female Beethoven.  I know that is very high praise, but I think many folks will be looking back many years from  now and she will still be current.  That is what makes her music stand the test of time.  Her albums play so smooth like a good book you just can't put down, and yet before you know it, it is over'  Dave Wilson 

**Fiona is also a member of FLOW (Fiona Joy, Lawrenece Blatt, Jeff Oster,  Will Ackerman).