Though not Native American by heritage, Randy has had a life-long passion for Native peoples, and through his music and concerts, he shares that passion with others. So, though not Native by blood, he humbly considers himself “Native in spirit.” The name “Windtalker” is a trail name he adopted in 2006 during his six-month, 2,175-mile thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, a journey he accomplished with his wife. When he began performing and recording, he kept “Windtalker” as a professional moniker. 

Between 2011 and 2018, when he took a hiatus to prepare for living fulltime in a motorhome and traveling around the U.S., he was performing 65 to 80 concerts a year, primarily at assisted living facilities, senior centers, coffee houses, wineries, and festivals. 

Windtalker’s musical style has evolved over the years, and he has released five albums since 2006, with each one highlighting that evolution. 

His debut release in 2006, “Native SoundScapes,” relied on synthesized orchestration to support the traditional flute melodies and was recorded in his home studio. 

The success of that album inspired his 2011 CD, “Canyon Whispers.” This album was a departure from the previous one, in that it was recorded in a commercial studio and used tracks provided by Clint Goss, to which he added additional instrumentation and flute melodies. Patrick Doyle, founder of had this to say about the album: 

“…truly a joy to hear…feel like you are gliding through the Grand Canyon while listening…makes you feel refreshed, like you have just returned from an outdoor adventure…expertly crafted and professionally produced…It's hard to believe this is Randy's second album, as I felt like I was listening to an "old soul" on the flute. If you enjoy the Native American flute then you owe it to yourself to listen to Canyon Whispers!hard to believe that this is Randy’s second album…felt like I was listening to an “old soul” on the flute. If you enjoy the Native American flute, then you owe it to yourself to listen to “Canyon Whispers.” It is in rotation on our station.” 

2011 was also the year that he began performing live. These performances called, “The Windtalker Experience,” feature flute music set to a backdrop of his wife’s breathtaking nature photos from their travels around the world, along with stories about and insight into this America’s First Peoples. 

By 2016, with hundreds of live performances under his belt and audiences requesting a new CD that featured more solo flute and flute duets, rather than the orchestrated compositions of the previous albums, “Hόzhό – Walking in Beauty,” was released. This album was nominated for “Best Native American Album of 2016” by One World Music Radio, finishing third overall, and remained on OWMR’s Top 100 chart for six months. 

In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and he and his wife found themselves “social distancing” in an RV park in Tennessee for five months. During that period, they provided weekly live “Windtalker Experience – On the Road” concerts on Facebook from their motorhome and he completed his 4th CD, “Awakening.” With its lush, airy orchestral backgrounds and soothing meditative flute melodies, this album reflected his new-found love of ambient and new age music and the influences of artists such as David Helpling and Jon Jenkins, Liquid Mind, and Brian Eno. This album debuted at #1 on the One World Music Radio Top 100 Albums in October 2020 and was nominated by OWMR for “Best Flute Album of 2020.” It ultimately was runner-up in that category. 

OWMR owner and host, Steve Sheppard, said of this album: 

“Awakening….is a classy album that in my view is easily his best work so far. The entire album exudes an energy of love and respect…. Awakening is a release of positivity and great beauty; one packed with color and passion and surely must be heralded as one of the most serene albums to have been released this year, without a doubt.” 

“Wind, Water and Stone,” released April 25, 2022, is a collection of musically diverse, soul-stirring, and genre-crossing compositions, inspired by America’s National Parks and the Native Americans who once called them home. Each song paints a musical landscape depicting the unique, cinematic grandeur of a different park while creating an emotional connection to Native Americans with the beautiful sound of Native American-style flute featured in each composition. 

OWMR owner and host, Steve Sheppard, said of this album: 

“Windtalker, over the years, has honed his skill on the Native American flute to become one of the finest creators of his time and you only have to listen to the opening track to see why…. and I have to add, this has to be the best start to any album I have reviewed for years…. If you had the good sense to buy Windtalker’s last album “Awakening” and thought it was good, just wait till you get your hands on a copy of “Wind, Water and Stone.”  You will be utterly blown away.” 

Randy is a proud member of the World Flute Society. 

He received the Soaring Eagle Award, Issued by Native American Style Flute Awards, in February 2020.   The Soaring Eagle Award acknowledges players who volunteer to play their Native American Style Flute for non-profit type venues and events such as nursing homes, hospices, fundraisers for charities etc. 

He was also the recipient of the Healing Flute Award, issued by the Native American Style Flute Awards in February 2021. This award recognizes those who shared their gift with others during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

All Randy Alan Motz and “Windtalker” albums are available on Amazon, Apple Music, I-Tunes, Spotify, Pandora, and all other major online services worldwide. 

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